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Tips and crafty ideas on keeping your kids amused.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Mini Menus

These are fun for older kids to make, especially if the are competant on a computer or with scissors.

Basic Materials List
  • scissors
  • coloured card cut to postcard size
  • glue
  • computer with printer (or you can get them to write their own)
Optional Extra Materials
  • glitter
  • stickers
  • gold, silver or coloured card cut into shapes
  • leaves
  • feathers
  • handmade stickers (the type you could use for scrapbooking or that special occassion)
  • dry pasta
  • anything else you think might look good
  1. Make up and print out the menu details on the computer, or hand write the items to be on the menu. The reason we use the menu written out/printed on plain paper is because it stands out better on the coloured card.
  2. Cut menu to size and glue onto card.
  3. Decorate how you want.
Note : For our Christmas Breakfast Menus we chose to cut out small gold Christmas trees and glue them at the top. It was simple and effective.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Bubble Pictures

This is best done outside as it can get messy, especially with young children.

Items Required

  • plastic cup
  • powder paint / poster paint
  • paper
  • straws
  • dishwashing detergent (liquid soap)
  • water
  1. In the cup, mix a spoonful of paint, spoonful of detergent and quarter cup of water.
  2. Blow bubbles in the mixture with the aid of the straw until they almost overflow the cup.
  3. Place paper onto the bubbles.
  4. Allow to dry.

You can do this with a few different colours to build up the picture.

(note : You may want to add more or less of each ingredient depending on the strength of the detergent you use)

Monday, December 06, 2004

Crafty Don't

Don't put spray adhesive on polystyrene balls. It causes them to constrict and distort.